Tuesday, April 11, 2017

How to Reclaim Lost Business Mojo through Digital Marketing

As a small or medium sized business, you probably have never pictured yourself as capable of competing with big companies with entire marketing departments and million dollar budgets. When business gets slow, you struggle to keep your head above water and riding the waves of success feels like a long way off.

Digital marketing has changed the playing field for everyone, but especially for small to medium sized businesses who can now compete and grow in ways that they weren’t previously able to. Everything from cost to customer interaction is different online, and these changes work in a way where if you have a strong digital strategy placed in capable and professional hands, your small business will be able to able to compete in a big way.


Digital marketing allows your efforts to be more targeted.

From Search Marketing to Instagram ads, you set the parameters for who and what you want to target your marketing to. Choose keywords that are relevant to your business, age ranges for customer bases and specific locations or times of the day for your ads to run. The targeting aspect of digital marketing means that no matter how big or small, you know exactly where your marketing budget is going. You won’t waste money just throwing your ad out into the world and hoping it sticks to the right potential customer.

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Why Online Local Listings Are Vital to Your Business

Search engine optimization has evolved several times since the concept first came to light, and as a business owner who must constantly find ways to improve your page’s SEO rankings, you have had to no doubt evolve along with it. Businesses that do not keep pace with new trends and cling to old SEO techniques usually find themselves failing, and one of these newer trends is to remain relevant in local business search listings. No matter what search engine you register with or what SEO keywords you use, being visible in local directories can give your business that extra online presence you have been looking for.

Local Listings Can Boost Visibility

Google has typically led the way when it comes to listing local directories and offering the most complete information at a glance. When people search for a business, the first results that usually pop up are local listings for that customer’s area, along with the contact information. Getting into this listing can be vital for the success of your business.

While investing in local listings might seem unimportant to you because you believe that your SEO ranking is already high enough to bring new traffic to your site, cornering the market on local business is just as important, especially if you have both a website and a brick-and-mortar establishment. One may not be successful without the other.

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Taking Your First Steps in Business? Read This Guide First

Starting out in business can be daunting. Especially when you’re on your own you may feel as if you don’t really have anyone to lean on and nowhere to turn for those first few months. There are always places online to go to where you can chat about your problems and worries and get helpful tips and advice. If you’re starting out as a blogger, this may be very exciting as there are so many people starting in this exciting industry, and online and social media is a great place to start to get help. You can always turn to someone and a lot of companies offer free advice to new business startups, even banks if you are looking for loans and some solicitors and accountants. There are also some really good business courses to take locally, some are free, but some you may have to pay a small fee, it all depends on how much you want to learn but look at local colleges or universities.

Starting your business is very exciting. If you’re working from home, it may be slightly easier because you are not having any additional worries of premises renting or any additional bills. However, if you have a premises and a team in place then you probably want to look at pingboard organisational chart software for your staff members. You always want to keep your staff members happy, and this can be difficult when you’re starting out as there are always teething problems. Ensuring you have good communication with your staff is key and of course keeping in good communication with your customers, or clients is also important because you want to make the best impression and keep them coming back over and over. First impressions always count, so make sure you are friendly, professional and outgoing; nobody wants to work with someone who is rude or abrupt.